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This is the September thread for suggesting new FAQs, suggesting changes to existing FAQs, posting errors in existing FAQs, and for changes to/additions to/errors in site copy which is not FAQs.
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This is the August thread for suggesting new FAQs, suggesting changes to existing FAQs, posting errors in existing FAQs, and for changes to/additions to/errors in site copy which is not FAQs.
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This is the July thread for suggesting new FAQs, suggesting changes to existing FAQs, posting errors in existing FAQs, and for changes to/additions to/errors in site copy which is not FAQs.
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Why do both the warning notices say "Age Filtered" Notice, when the second one -- Viewer Discretion Advised -- is not specifically age-related, but more a NSFW type of thing?
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A question about some of the coding--I noticed, when browsing the site, that the navigation strip is still being called as table#lj_controlstrip and all users/comms are still span.ljuser. Is there any particular reason for this? After all, tags such as <lj-cut> have been stripped of their lj-specific nomenclature and the navigation strip isn't a control strip anyhow...

I'd never have noticed but for the fact that I have some very !important CSS declarations in my userstylesheets that are directed at #lj_controlstrip (along with some even more destructive userjavascripts that reorder the selects to my liking) and imagine my surprise when I noticed poor Dreamwidth's nav strip being restyled! *laughs* Of course I can simply reapply my rules to be domain-specific, but I'm curious all the same.

Forgive me if this wasn't the right place for it, but it seemed a bit too impersonal/unnecessary to write to support and I figured that it was much along the same lines as this post, so, hm.

Thanks for all the hard work, everyone! Pats on the back, all around! I'm off to play around with Core2 (which, for someone who occasionally dreams in CSS, is quite exciting).

EDIT: Oh, by the way, been meaning to mention that the semicolon is missing from the end of the last &mdash; (—) on this FAQ page.
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Just an update to let all of you who gave me the awesome comments on the first draft that the second draft has been, er, overtaken by events (like finishing up a couple things in preparation for Open Beta). But after that I'll be incorporating your fb (I hope in the way you intended) and putting the second draft up for review.
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This exists because I am an enormous dork. An enormous *picky* dork. And I was typing along and got to the phrase: "Interactions Menu" and realized that if *I* didn't know what it was (I had to go ask) people suddenly showing up on the site with gun and camera in a week or so wouldn't have any bigger clue. So I figured maybe we could do a little lexicon (because Momma [personal profile] rho hates the word "dictionary") of the really confusing stuff. At the bottom, there's a question that doesn't really fit into the dictionary format and may need to become a FAQ, but it showed up in my "confusing terms" solicitation.

your thoughts? )
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Because I snapped...

Note: "new message" is now "send private message" on the Inbox button at the top left.

Snaps to [personal profile] tajasel who leaped to the task and saved me from going postal...
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Rho asked me to work with the Accessibility Team to prepare with a guidelines document for the FAQs writers and the Translation Team that would help us frame all site language in ways that would render the site optimally-accessible for all users, no matter how they are accessing the site. This is the first-pass document, primarily culled from the thread in [site community profile] dw_docs that originally framed that discussion, and from the work of [personal profile] zvi, [personal profile] rb, [personal profile] jadelennox and others who posted there and who I probably forgot to name.
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As I'm look through things, different strings have one or the other. Should they all be the same, and if so, which?

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Poking around on the mood theme pages this cropped up.

The /customize/ page is currently labeled as "Select Journal Style" which is a bit clunky when referring to it -- "You can change blah blah at the Select Journal Style page"

Talked with people in IRC about this and the following options were given as suggestions:

* Journal Options
* Journal Appearance
* Journal Style
* Customize Journal Style
* Something else

So. Which do you like? What do you hate? Any other suggestions?


On /manage/moodthemes.bml I have temporarily changed this link to the 2nd option (Journal Appearance) at [personal profile] rho's suggestion, but this is totally open to change. (And am stating this here so I can go back and change it if necessary. Memory, I do not has it.)


Edit -- Journal Style seems to be the most popular option. So let's go with that! :D
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I'm looking for input on terminology here, because I'm running across more and more translation strings with the word "user" in them, and it's my understanding that Dreamwidth wants to avoid using that term. Now, frequently "user" can be replaced with "you", but just as frequently it can't, as in "Similar Users" or "No users are similar to [[user]]." (I could go on. And on.)

ETA: Judges' Ruling: "users" will be replaced with "accounts" throughout translation strings where "user" or "users" cannot reasonably and logically be replaced with "you".

What are we going to do in these situations? "Individual" is too cold-corporate; "People" is misleading (because sometimes the "USER" referenced in the translation string might also be a community or communities); "Persons" has the same problem as "People" (and is grammatically-hideous into the bargain).

I'm just about ready to replace "user" with "dude or dudes"....

Your thoughts?
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I pointed out a sort of overarching issue with the FAQ documentation as currently written to rho, and, in traditional DW fashion, she asked me to take the first pass at solving it.

The problem is that some of the documentation is written with visual, spatial, or movement-specific language. To the extent possible, FAQs/sitedoc should not be written with the assumption that the eventual reader is going to be seeing the same images and screen ratios, nor that they'll be interacting with their computer with the same input devices as the writer's. On the one hand, you have people with disabilities using the site; on the other hand, you have people with an array of mobile devices using the site; and on the third hand, you have a few people out there still cruising in lynx, because they're Richard Stallman. (Not to mention that we'll support different siteschemes, and people will do all manner of funky things with their journal styles.)

I'm going to do a first sweep through the FAQ docs as currently written, but I strongly suggest you guys hook up with the Accessibility team for more expert advice. (For instance, I am unsure about whether or not dropdown menu is a term that is meaningful on a screenreader.) My inexpert advice is that, wherever possible, instead of describing a visual element, you include the image and its alt-text as it will appear on the site (maybe with a note that it's the site default?), and if you can skip the visual element and just link to the thingy in question, that's even better.

By visuospatiai issue, I mean that the FAQ says "perform this motion" for interacting with the site, or "item found to the left of second item" or "choose the [textual description of image] to accomplish task" Any language which requires the user to be seeing the same site visually or using the mouse or keyboard like the writer.

Additionally, all link text should be meaningful ("Choose your sitescheme" instead of "click here to"), and, a title attribute should be set when the link text doesn't match the page title of the page the link refers to.

FYI Each tab of my account settings has a URL, so you can link directly to that tab.

FAQ's w/ visuospatial language )

P.S. Psst. [personal profile] forthwritten. May want to include site-specific URL forms in What Dreamwidth specific markup can I use?. All the lj were replaced with site.
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I'm in the process of editing /userinfo.bml and have got to the label for naming $persons_running_community. A discussion was started on the Wiki, but it seems to have drifted off with no consensus being reached.

Personally, of the three mentioned in the subject line, I would prefer to use Administrator, or at a push, Moderator, but we could also use something else entirely. Thoughts?
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More musing about terminology and nomenclature, this time: the directory.

I think the directory is a silly name, and a quick straw-poll of IRC agreed with me. Not quite sure what we should rename it to though. Ideas mooted on IRC were:

advanced search
user search
advanced user search
journal search
advanced journal search

Any thought and preferences or better ideas?
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Thanks to [staff profile] denise, I was able to get a broader sample for the naming of the menu in the profile.

The poll itself was next to useless, but the comments were very illuminating. Several trends emerged:

  • having "profile" in the name is misleading, as the only thing the menu has to do with the profile is the fact that it's located there
  • "action" describes the menu better than "navigation", but it's still not quite right

Several people proposed "user interactions menu" or "networking menu". I'm reluctant to use "netwoking menu", as "Network" has a specific meaning in DW (it's the friendsfriends function). I'm also reluctant to use "user" in the menu name, as a similar menu appears on comms and feeds.

After reviewing all these arguments, I'm making an executive decision because someone has to. The menu shall henceforth be known as the Interactions Menu. If you've got an objection, now is the time to argue it :)

(Also, can someone tell me whether "interactions" should be in the plural or singular? I like it in the plural, but I'm not a native speaker.)

Thanks to all who participated and commented!

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I've been looking again at tracking/notifications/subscription/ESN and thinking some more about terminology. What I'd said originally was that we were going to use "tracking" to refer to this, but looking at it again now, I'm not sure that's right.

I'm thinking that we should tracking specifically for referring to tracking of comments/entries, but use notifications in a more general sense. So for instance, you would receive a notification when someone adds you to their circle or you might receive a notification when someone comments on an entry you're tracking, but you wouldn't track people adding you to their circle. The inbox would still be referred to as the inbox, so all notifications would go to the inbox, and you also have the option of having them emaiiled to you.

Does this seem sensible to people?


Mar. 5th, 2009 10:41 pm
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I'm trying to come up with a suitable name for the short menu that's on the profile, to the right of the statistics. I've checked other FAQs, and I see I'm not the only one who's stumped by the problem :)

Would profile menu, or maybe profile navigation menu, be clear enough, or do any of you have better ideas?



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