Apr. 18th, 2012

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It's been a while since we've doen any updating to the list of who has faqedit privs -- not since the days of closed beta, in fact! -- and I've been horribly remiss on staying on top of that. So, two things:

* I've removed privs from anyone who still had faqedit privs from the days of closed beta. This is not to say that you all aren't more than welcome to return to FAQ work! I just wanted to start from a "clean slate", so to speak.

* In the future, anybody who has done more than 5 docs bugs can talk to me about getting faqedit privs. (This mainly consists of taking FAQ changes that are uploaded to Bugzilla, copyediting/style-editing them, and making the changes on the site itself.)

You don't need faqedit privs to do docs changes -- just claim the bug in Bugzilla and upload an attachment with your changed version -- or to propose changes to a FAQ (for that, open a new bug in Bugzilla with a summary of the changes you think should be made).

Thank you to everyone who's done docs work thus far!


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