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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote in [site community profile] dw_docs2013-03-08 02:58 am

more faq changes

* CROSSPOSTER: I am having trouble crossposting to JournalFen updated for current status

* new faq: Why are people who comment on my journal being shown an antispam test (captcha)?

* new faq: How can I use Markdown to format my entries?

* new faq: How do I view entries in my journal by security?

* What HTML tags can I use on Dreamwidth? is now no longer a giant dump of every single html tag ever: thanks to [personal profile] jeshyr it's got the common tags & how to use them, with the less-frequently-used ones in a list at the end.

* new faqcat: "importing and crossposting", sorting after feeds & openid

* new faq: How do I add a web counter to my journal?

* new faq: Can I use a prepaid credit card to buy paid time?

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