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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote in [site community profile] dw_docs2013-03-07 05:54 am

major faq changes

i'm on a docs-bugs rampage! here are the major changes (there were a bunch of minor ones too):

* former category "Feeds" is now "Feeds, OpenID, and Other Sites" as a catch-all for working-with-other-sites. old catkey 'feeds' is now new catkey 'othersites' and it sorts where "Feeds" used to sort. or it will once i work out why it's not showing up.

* new faq: Why do I receive errors when logging into Dreamwidth with my OpenID?

* FAQ 172 used to be "STYLES: My Reading page is too wide, and I have to scroll sideways to see it all." now it is "STYLES: My Reading page is displaying incorrectly: stretched, distorted, or just generally 'broken'." and it covers a lot of different possibilities.

* new faqcat: "Images and Media", sorting just after "Journal Contents".

* new faq: What are image and video placeholders?

* new faq: How can I tell which comments belong to which thread? What is the "Comment Hierarchy" setting?

* new faq: When and how are deleted accounts permanently removed (purged)?

* new faq: How do I find information on scheduled maintenance or unplanned outages when the site is down?

* new faq: Can I delete all my imported entries?

* faq 210 renamed from "ENTRIES: I want to delete multiple entries" to "Can I delete all the entries in my journal?" & moved out of issues into organizing.

* new faq: Can I set my icon page to display in my journal style?

* new faq: Can I change what style I see entry pages in?

* new faq: What is the antispam test? Why don't I see an image for the antispam test?

and now i have to go ice my arms, because ow.

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