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Now that we're in Open Beta, we're getting to see how actual people who aren’t us are using the site, and this is letting us know how we need to revise our documentation and, of course, write more.

One of the things we're viewing with enthusiasm now that many of our tasks are no longer as time-critical is the opportunity to allow many more people to participate in our process. In the past several months, a lot of people have wanted to get involved in site documentation, but there were a number of reasons we couldn't accept all the help that was offered.

We have now remedied that small problem.

The new community [site community profile] dw_docs_training is intended as a dedicated work and training environment for new volunteers, experienced members of the docs team, and for anyone who's working on related aspects of the GUI, such as the site copy team and the site styles team. [site community profile] dw_docs_training will be a closed, moderated, response-screened community so we can concentrate on the training and support aspects of docs writing.

In [site community profile] dw_docs_training, we'll expect you to write material off a supplied prompt and we'll the result in the community for critique. To ensure the critiquing process remains useful and focused, your sample exercises will be re-posted by one of the community moderators, and all comments will be unscreened at the same time, and only when everybody who needs to comment on the entry has commented.

Your material will be judged by three criteria: accuracy (does the site behave in the fashion you indicate?), clarity (can an inexperienced or confused reader understand what you've written and follow any directions included?) and conformity with the Dreamwidth style as laid out in the Manual of Style.

If you are participating in the community as a proofreader or copyeditor, the procedure you'll follow will be similar, except you won't be posting entries, you'll be commenting on the entries of others.

In addition to participating in [site community profile] dw_docs_training, all volunteers in training will be expected to read all of the FAQs. Not only will this give you a broad familiarity with the documentation, there are many places in which it hasn't yet reached perfection: this will be your chance to see if you can find errors.

You'll also need to familiarize yourself thoroughly with the Dreamwidth Manual of Style and the Dreamwidth Site Terminology, both of which can be found on the Dreamwidth Wiki.

The Dreamwidth Manual of Style:

The Dreamwidth Terminology Notes:

What we want out of this process, and we hope you want it too, is for you to be able to write a FAQ or other piece of site copy to site standard language, or (if you aren't one of our writers) to be able to review a piece of site copy, detect typos and other problems, identify those areas in which it does not meet the Dreamwidth standard, and prepare useful revision notes for its author.

We'll be posting the details of how to apply to the Docs Team here in [site community profile] dw_docs very soon.
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When you read your Circle using any of the Custom Filters (Comms, Feeds, Journals), the tab that appears on the screen says: Friends (Custom filter). Shouldn't this language be conformed?
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It says: "Exclude content restricted to people age 18 and older" Should be: "Exclude content restricted to people age 18 and YOUNGER"
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I have been neglecting you. Have kept having various things that I've meant to post here, but somehow never managed to find the time to be posting them. This is the result.

1. Site copy people! We have a fan! I received this in an email the other day:
I've just spontaneously squee'd at rah about the DW site copy and she says
you're the person to pass it along to. So forgive me if I become a little
incoherent here: god, I *love* it. Love it, love it, *love* it. *Wow* do I
love it. I click around to hunt something down and I wind up on a page
that's got information, it's got useful information, it's got clear
information, it sounds like it was written by a human being, and a helpful
and *knowledgeable* human being. (Also, and I've only just begun to
realize how hard this in particular must be to achieve, it doesn't make my
question sound dumb, and it doesn't make it sound like it'll be hard to do
whatever task it is I'm trying to do.)

It's, um, possible I may have clicked on a few links I didn't need just so
I could read a little more. Um, you know. As one does.


I know what we do can often be frustrating because it feels as if we're just invisibly moving things about in the background, with nobody ever noticing us or thanking us, so I thought I'd pass this on to you (with permission) in the hope that you all get as much of a kick out of it as I did. We're doing a kick-ass job, and I'm proud of what we've accomplished.

2. FAQ editors, if at any point you see a FAQ that we don't have yet but that you think we need, but that doesn't really seem to fit into any of the existing categories, please throw up a quick and dirty FAQ in the misc category, and then we can polish and categorise later, depending on what ends up there.

3. When you need to reference an example domain in any site text or documentation, use example.com, which is set aside specifically for the purpose. I've seen one or two people using website.tld, which I'd rather avoid because I don't think that's as obvious to non-technical people.

4. When we first went into closed beta, I decided that I'd keep membership here open, since the only people coming in at the start of closed beta would be people working on the site. We're now well into the stage of accepting users, and open beta is almost upon us. However, we've had a bunch of people join the comm and absolutely no problems so far, so I'm going to keep membership open for now, and revisit in the future if we do have any problems.

5. I'm lousy at tagging. 9 times out of 10, I forget to tag an entry, and on the tenth time, I can never figure out what tag to use. I've opened up tagging to all community members. If someone wants to go back through old posts, tag them, and come up with a coherent tagging system, I'd very much appreciate it. Once we have a robust tagging system in place, I'll probably restrict the creation of new tags down to community admins.

6. I'm fairly sure I had something else I meant to say, but I can't remember it. If I end up posting another entry in 2 hours, then I apologise.
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There are several things on the customise journal page that need to be edited but that aren't showing up in the language editor when I run a search. If I should post this somewhere else, let me know.

Number of journal entries to show on friends page

Use community userpics instead of poster's userpic.

Use friend colors on friends page

Always show userpics
With this off, userpics are only shown in the friends view.

Text used to link to the 'Friends' view

Text used to link to the 'User Information' view
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An astounding thing happened while I was sleeping last night. We reached the stage where all translation strings (except for FAQs, which are handled separately) have been marked as updated! If I'm counting right, that's 3752 translation strings updated to match our terminology and our style. Almost all of them have been proof-read as well. There are still a few left that haven't, which I'm sure the copy editing team will get on soon. This means 4 things:

1. The team of people who have been working on this are completely and utterly awesome. I cannot express in words how floored I am by the work that they've done. Before we started, I'd had nightmare visions of spending 36 hours straight wrestling with the translation system to try to get things finished by Open Beta. Instead, we finish with almost 3 weeks to spare. Please, everyone join me in giving mad props to the site copy and copy editing teams!

2. This means that if you see any instances of "LiveJournal" or "Friends" or anything else that doesn't belong, then that means that it's a bug. For along time, when people have been asking, I've been saying "yeah, we know there are still a bunch of places like that; we'll get to it!" Now we've gone through the whole site, we should have fixed everything. I'd be surprised if there weren't a couple of instances that we've managed to miss though, most likely through text that's hard-coded into the system. If you spot anything that doesn't look right from here on in, please let me know. Comment here, or send me a message.

3. We need to figure out what to do now! If you want to take a break, then please do. You've earned it. However, since we have the time, I want to go back and try to polish everything up and make it all really really shiny. This is the sort of task that can never truly be finished. There are always bits of wording that can be improved, always ways to make things clearer or more concise. That's what I think we should aim for now.

So, site copy people, you now have carte blanche to go back through updated strings and be really really picky with them, and try to get them to be just so. I'd suggest that the best way to do this would probably be to trawl around the site, and look for wordings that you don't think are as good as they could be, then use ?uselang=debug to find where they come from and then go in and edit them. If you prefer some other method, though, go with whatever works best for you.

When you update things, keep them marked as updated, but uncheck the "proofed" box, so the proof readers know they need proof reading again. Proof-readers, your job remains the same as ever.

4. [staff profile] denise and I agree that everyone who's been involved in this herculean task deserves an invite code or two for their efforts. Go check your codes! If you haven't got any and you should, poke me and I'll go and nag Denise until she gives you some.

And finally, let me say "thank you!" again. You all rock my socks so damn much.
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As a "Wooooooo!" for the site copy team, which has gotten through every string on the site (seriously, guys, just ... wow), both the site copy team and the copy editor team just got a batch of invite codes to give out!
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Quick note based on something that I've just seen.

When you're updating translation strings, remember that not all of them will be shown on the website itself. There are a lot of strings that are used for various emails that we're sending out for one reason or another. Before you add any HTML to a string (eg <strong> or <em> tags) try to make sure that you are editing something that's ending up on the web.
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Can they take punctuation, or must they have spaces around them?

For example, I want to change:

read [[sitename]] official journals:


read [[sitename]]'s official journals:

Will that mess up the double-bracketed magic?
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Hi --

The cunning plan by [personal profile] rho, [personal profile] ysobel, and myself has now been implemented. Only strings that we have confirmed are still used on some page somewhere are visible in the translation interface. Other strings have been hidden from view.

This has reduced the number of strings in the translation interface from some 6,500 down to just shy of 3,000 strings. This means that you should have less orphaned/crufty strings to dig through.

If you see any problems, or see strings have disappeared that you know are in use somewhere, please let us know so we can investigate.

Thank you!
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There's been some confusion as to how things in [[brackets]] work in the translation system, so I'd like to try to clarify.

In the code for a BML page, there are references to all the translation strings, which basically mean "when you get to this point in the code, look up that text of the translation string, and put it here". In the code, there can also optionally be a way to pass a variable to the translation string. Let me try to explain.

In the code, there might be a variable called $username, which contains the username of some account that we're doing something with. We might want to have a sentence like "Add $username to your access list". We could do this by making "Add" be one translation string and "to your access list" be another, and putting our variable in the middle but this is all sorts of bad and messy and likely to lead to strife. So instead, what we do is tell the code to write out some translation string except that when it encounters [[user]] in the translation string, it replaces it with whatever the code has in $username at the moment.

As such, things in brackets will work only if the code has been explicitly written to allow them to work in a given translation string. In our example above, we couldn't then use [[user]] in some other translation string as the code wouldn't be expecting it. We also couldn't change [[user]] to [[lemming]] and expect it to still work. It will only work with the exact right word in the exact right translation string.

Non-technical summary: Things in [[brackets]] are deep magic. If you see them, don't touch them. Don't try adding them in yourself, because it won't work.

nota bene

Apr. 1st, 2009 10:34 pm
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Code: /customize/advanced/styles.bml.error.usercantuseadvanced

"The selected user's account type does not allow advanced customization."



"Your account type does not allow advanced customization."

(these are two separate strings, at least in the editor)

Noting this here as per Rah.
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Okay yeah i never was lj's version of a power user and i always tended to get lost on my way to the coke machine on the seventh floor especially after three in the morning when the lights were turned down low, but but but is SOME OF THIS STUFF EVEN WRITTEN IN ENGLISH FOR HUMAN BEINGS AND WHAT IS IT TALKING ABOUT EVEN!!!

I want my own personal channel in irc for complaining about this stuff all the time from now on forever (yeah not just rho should have to listen to me really) and for things like WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? DOES IT MEAN ANYTHING? DID IT EVER MEAN ANYTHING?

All ranting aside, this is fun and it's challenging, and it's cool, and messing about with sentences is my very favorite thing, but... i really do wonder what the fucking fuck. I mean, what the fucking fuck. seriously.
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Another issue that's come up with site copy work. Sometimes, when updating things, you'll want to make changes that are beyond the scope of what we can do with the translation system. For instance, we might need an old section of a page that isn't relevant any more ripping out entirely, or we might want to be able to replace "this user" with the actual username of the user in question, in a user tag. If you come across anything like this, edit the current translation strings as best as you can, ut then add the change you think needs making to http://wiki.dwscoalition.org/notes/Site_copy_issues_requiring_changes_in_code

As an extra added bonus, I suspect that a lot of these will end up being things that make good first tasks for baby coders wanting to get involved.
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The prize for being the first to point out an issue with the site copy process award goes to [personal profile] tajasel who pointed out to me that there seem to be some strings that are listed in the translation interface that don't seem to be used on site. If you find any of these, throw them up on the wiki page and I'll check through them to see if they really are orphans, and if they are I'll see that they get removed. If you're not comfortable with the wiki, feel free to comment here instead.
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I've been promising for a while that we could get started with site copy work real soon now, just as soon as some technical details got sorted out. Now, thanks to [personal profile] pauamma (here) and [staff profile] mark (here) we have the code updates we need to finally get going!

Before I go any further, let me introduce everyone to the site copy team. Joining me will be:

[personal profile] ephemera
[personal profile] fae
[community profile] isabeau
[personal profile] ivorygates
[personal profile] lferion
[personal profile] tajasel

I'm looking forward to working with all of you. I'd also like to reiterate my thanks to everyone who applied who I haven't selected for the team.

For those of you on the team, if you haven't signed your CLA yet, you need to be doing that now. For those of you who I know have signed a CLA, I've given you the privs you need to get started. If you have signed the CLA and I haven't given you privs (you can check by seeing if your name is listed at http://www.dreamwidth.org/admin/priv/?priv=translate) then poke me and I'll get them sorted ASAP.

The actual updating of the site will be done through the Lovecraftian Horror that is the translation system. If you've heard bad things about this, then you should know before we start that they're all true. However, [personal profile] tajasel has valiantly wrestled down the eldritch tentacles long enough to write a guide for us, which I put on the wiki.

The way I'm going to suggest we work things is as follows:

Start off by updating one page. Do the one that you did in your application if you want, or somewhere else if it takes your fancy. Get familiar with the workings of the translation system. Then contact me (DW private message, email, IRC, comment, whatever works best for you) and we'll go through the page and discuss any issues of style or anything that I think we need to cover. Then after that, I'll just let you loose on the site to go through and rewrite everything at your leisure.

Just one word of warning: there's currently some lag time between updating the strings in the translation interface and them actually appearing on site. This is a known issue and [staff profile] mark has it on his big long list of things he needs to look at in his Copious Free Time.


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