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This is the September thread for suggesting new FAQs, suggesting changes to existing FAQs, posting errors in existing FAQs, and for changes to/additions to/errors in site copy which is not FAQs.
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This is the August thread for suggesting new FAQs, suggesting changes to existing FAQs, posting errors in existing FAQs, and for changes to/additions to/errors in site copy which is not FAQs.
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This is the July thread for suggesting new FAQs, suggesting changes to existing FAQs, posting errors in existing FAQs, and for changes to/additions to/errors in site copy which is not FAQs.
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As well as the addition of [site community profile] dw_docs_training that [personal profile] ivorygates has already mentioned, we're also going to be making a few changes to how we're running [site community profile] dw_docs itself.

First off, we're going to be moderating entries on this community. As I write this, there are 576 members here, and we're taking this step now to keep the number of entries here manageable and make sure that everything stays on topic. We want for this to be a community that anyone interested in documentation can read without being snowed under with the volume of entries.

Things that will be on topic here:
  • Any announcements [personal profile] ivorygates and I make (for example, "we need volunteers for this project!").
  • Summaries of which FAQs we've changed recently.
  • Discussion of broad-stroke documentation issues (for instance, "how do we best handle accessibility in our FAQs?").
  • People from other Dreamwidth projects keeping us informed of things that will be relevant to documentation (for example, "hey, we're going to be adding this big new feature soon so you might want to start documenting it now".

Notable things that won't be on topic:
  • Suggestions for things that need adding or changing (see below for how we're going to be handling these.
  • General Dreamwidth suggestions, which belong in [site community profile] dw_suggestions.
  • The actual process of writing things or questions about this, which will be going in [site community profile] dw_docs_training.

We're not going to switch over to being a moderated community for a couple of days yet at least. We want to give you all time to spot anything we might have missed before we do this. I'll also add that we're still going to be keeping open membership here, and we won't be screening comments. It will only be top-level entries that we'll be moderating.

As I mentioned above, we're not going to be taking suggestions for improvements in entries to this community any more. Instead, we'll be posting a "suggestions box" entry every month, and then having people comment there with their suggestions and feedback. We'll also keep a link to the current suggestions box thread in our profile. This way, people who are interested will be able to track comments on the entry, but people who aren't interested will be able to stay subscribed to the community without having to sit through all the suggestions posts.

We'll be going through the suggestions as they come in, and then migrating them over to a master list of Things That Need To Be Done which our hard working doc team (and doc trainees!) will be able to work off without having to track around the community looking for what's already been dealt with and what hasn't.

Again, we'll be waiting at least a couple of days before we implement this, so we can make any changes we need to based on your feedback.

Site tour

Apr. 6th, 2009 12:01 pm
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So, [personal profile] sophie and I are sitting down to work out what the site tour should consist of (bug 209) and I thought I'd open it up to [site community profile] dw_docs -- what kind of things do you think should be highlighted in the tour?

This should not be a "what's different from LJ" -- it should be a feature-based "what makes us a good place to be". (We'll do a "switching from LJ or other LJ-based site" Guide, as well as a "switching from Wordpress", from TypePad, etc, etc, all as separate documentation.) It can reference our ideological differences, but for this part of it I want to concentrate on features.
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I'm looking for input on terminology here, because I'm running across more and more translation strings with the word "user" in them, and it's my understanding that Dreamwidth wants to avoid using that term. Now, frequently "user" can be replaced with "you", but just as frequently it can't, as in "Similar Users" or "No users are similar to [[user]]." (I could go on. And on.)

ETA: Judges' Ruling: "users" will be replaced with "accounts" throughout translation strings where "user" or "users" cannot reasonably and logically be replaced with "you".

What are we going to do in these situations? "Individual" is too cold-corporate; "People" is misleading (because sometimes the "USER" referenced in the translation string might also be a community or communities); "Persons" has the same problem as "People" (and is grammatically-hideous into the bargain).

I'm just about ready to replace "user" with "dude or dudes"....

Your thoughts?
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I'm in the process of editing /userinfo.bml and have got to the label for naming $persons_running_community. A discussion was started on the Wiki, but it seems to have drifted off with no consensus being reached.

Personally, of the three mentioned in the subject line, I would prefer to use Administrator, or at a push, Moderator, but we could also use something else entirely. Thoughts?


Mar. 5th, 2009 10:41 pm
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I'm trying to come up with a suitable name for the short menu that's on the profile, to the right of the statistics. I've checked other FAQs, and I see I'm not the only one who's stumped by the problem :)

Would profile menu, or maybe profile navigation menu, be clear enough, or do any of you have better ideas?


FAQ titles

Feb. 22nd, 2009 06:36 pm
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One thing I've noticed in looking at the FAQs that you guys have written is that you seem to be going with the LJ style for the titles/questions in the FAQ, using two-part questions like "What is Quick Reply? How do I turn Quick Reply on or off?" and "What does my profile contain? Who can see the information on it?"

I'm not totally committed to this, and will happily change my mind if you disagree with me, but I've never really been much of a fan of this sort of naming. My general feeling is that if possible, we should try to have all the questions just be simple single questions, and that if that isn't possible, we should consider splitting up into two different FAQs.

What do you guys think?


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