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Cesy ([personal profile] cesy) wrote in [site community profile] dw_docs2016-02-20 04:42 pm

FAQ 248 update for feedback

FAQ 248 on image hosting needs updating to cover the new upload page.

I suggest replacing the first paragraph and first word of the second with this:

Dreamwidth has a very basic image hosting service. All users, regardless of account type, can use it. There are two ways to upload an image: either by using the post by email service, or via the web-based photo upload form.

To upload via the web form, go directly to [http://www.dreamwidth.org/file/new the upload new file page]. You can either drag and drop a file from your computer, or click the button to browse to a file. Boxes to specify the title, description and security level will then appear, and you can save it.

To upload via email, first, make sure you have set up posting by email...

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