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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote in [site community profile] dw_docs2012-02-25 06:01 pm

revision to manual of style

I've revised the Capitalization section of the Manual of Style to reflect that I've changed my mind about capitalizing DW-specific concepts like "Paid Account", "Access", "Access Filters", etc.

It now reads:


Capitalize the title of the page when you're referring directly to another site page, such as the Manage Journal page. For other uses, use your discretion. If it would be easy to mistake a DW-specific concept for another common word, or if you're mixing usage of the common word (not to refer to the DW concept) and the DW concept, capitalize the uses of the DW concept. Otherwise, default to lowercase unless the site text (not the FAQs) consistently capitalizes the concept. (A little inconsistency is okay; don't sweat it too much.)

When you're referring to something that's in common use on the Internet or that a beginning user would likely be familiar with, such as tags, bookmarks, etc., use lowercase.

The name of the site is ''Dreamwidth'', with an initial capital and no internal capitals.