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Hello, good people of docs! I come to you today bearing tidings of a new feature that is scheduled to go live on the site in the next few days. It is called Selective Screening and there's a post up in [site community profile] dw_dev describing how it works.

In order to explain this new functionality to our users, I believe a new FAQ is needed, with a title like "What is Selective Screening?" that explains what it does and how to use it. It doesn't have to be anything major; something similar to FAQ 58 would be quite sufficient.

I believe the following FAQs should also be updated to mention the feature and/or link to the new FAQ:

  • FAQ 9: How do I control who can comment on my journal?

  • FAQ 59: What can I do about unwanted comments?

  • FAQ 120: What are Dreamwidth's new features?

Thank you for your help!

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FAQ 248 on image hosting needs updating to cover the new upload page.

I suggest replacing the first paragraph and first word of the second with this:

Dreamwidth has a very basic image hosting service. All users, regardless of account type, can use it. There are two ways to upload an image: either by using the post by email service, or via the web-based photo upload form.

To upload via the web form, go directly to [http://www.dreamwidth.org/file/new the upload new file page]. You can either drag and drop a file from your computer, or click the button to browse to a file. Boxes to specify the title, description and security level will then appear, and you can save it.

To upload via email, first, make sure you have set up posting by email...
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Updated outdated reference to old change-personal-journal-into-comm page to https://www.dreamwidth.org/communities/convert on FAQ 178. Just updated the URL in two places.

Updated FAQ

Apr. 6th, 2014 08:04 pm
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Updated FAQ 104 to mention that backdating isn't available for community entries.
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With Bugzilla defunct (RIP), we're still talking over what the process will be for reporting docs-related bugs, since they won't quite belong in the replacement system (Github Issues) we'll be using for code bugs. In the meantime, as you spot FAQs that need to be updated (or added), leave a comment here just so we don't forget them before we work out the replacement.
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RIP, FAQ 162. The bug it was describing was fixed as of this last code push, thanks to [staff profile] karzilla! It sleeps with the fishes.

RIP, FAQ 267. The bug was fixed as of a couple days ago, and was pushed live. Thanks to [personal profile] shadowspar, who patched it! It will be receiving a horse head in the morning.
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Bug is here.

text under here )

This bug will be fixed pretty soon (someone's claimed it already so I am hopeful), but until then, I figured a FAQ would be useful. I've linked to it from the BBB also.
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Updated FAQ 108 with the following information:

  • Feed URL is incorrect:
    If the feed URL has changed, and no redirect has been set up by the feed owners, the feed on Dreamwidth will stop updating. If this happens, please support request in the Feeds category. Please include:
    --Name of the feed account (example_feed.dreamwidth.org)
    --New feed URL

    The feed source will be updated by Support volunteers, and should be working within 24 hours of someone seeing it..

    If you are aware of a Dreamwidth feed account which is using the new feed source already, please include this as well so that it can be merged with the existing account.
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    * CROSSPOSTER: I am having trouble crossposting to JournalFen updated for current status

    * new faq: Why are people who comment on my journal being shown an antispam test (captcha)?

    * new faq: How can I use Markdown to format my entries?

    * new faq: How do I view entries in my journal by security?

    * What HTML tags can I use on Dreamwidth? is now no longer a giant dump of every single html tag ever: thanks to [personal profile] jeshyr it's got the common tags & how to use them, with the less-frequently-used ones in a list at the end.

    * new faqcat: "importing and crossposting", sorting after feeds & openid

    * new faq: How do I add a web counter to my journal?

    * new faq: Can I use a prepaid credit card to buy paid time?
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    i'm on a docs-bugs rampage! here are the major changes (there were a bunch of minor ones too):

    * former category "Feeds" is now "Feeds, OpenID, and Other Sites" as a catch-all for working-with-other-sites. old catkey 'feeds' is now new catkey 'othersites' and it sorts where "Feeds" used to sort. or it will once i work out why it's not showing up.

    * new faq: Why do I receive errors when logging into Dreamwidth with my OpenID?

    * FAQ 172 used to be "STYLES: My Reading page is too wide, and I have to scroll sideways to see it all." now it is "STYLES: My Reading page is displaying incorrectly: stretched, distorted, or just generally 'broken'." and it covers a lot of different possibilities.

    * new faqcat: "Images and Media", sorting just after "Journal Contents".

    * new faq: What are image and video placeholders?

    * new faq: How can I tell which comments belong to which thread? What is the "Comment Hierarchy" setting?

    * new faq: When and how are deleted accounts permanently removed (purged)?

    * new faq: How do I find information on scheduled maintenance or unplanned outages when the site is down?

    * new faq: Can I delete all my imported entries?

    * faq 210 renamed from "ENTRIES: I want to delete multiple entries" to "Can I delete all the entries in my journal?" & moved out of issues into organizing.

    * new faq: Can I set my icon page to display in my journal style?

    * new faq: Can I change what style I see entry pages in?

    * new faq: What is the antispam test? Why don't I see an image for the antispam test?

    and now i have to go ice my arms, because ow.

    Just one!

    Jan. 21st, 2013 07:20 pm
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    http://www.dreamwidth.org/support/faqbrowse?faqid=249 -- for clearing one's cache/cookies. I linked to WikiHow so that we don't need to maintain the information.

    New FAQ

    Jan. 18th, 2013 11:34 pm
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    Hello everyone,

    As folks create new FAQs, or edit existing FAQs, let's start posting the URLs here to get a few more sets of eyes on them. It's especially important for brand-new FAQs, but it'd be good to have big edits go through here also. Does that sound reasonable? I figure we can try it for a few months, and reevaluate if it's not working.

    With that being said, here we go

    FAQs updated/edited tonight )

    Would y'all suggest leaving commentary, edits, or suggestions in comments on the community entry (like this one), or on the bug? I'm open to suggestions!


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    It's been a while since we've doen any updating to the list of who has faqedit privs -- not since the days of closed beta, in fact! -- and I've been horribly remiss on staying on top of that. So, two things:

    * I've removed privs from anyone who still had faqedit privs from the days of closed beta. This is not to say that you all aren't more than welcome to return to FAQ work! I just wanted to start from a "clean slate", so to speak.

    * In the future, anybody who has done more than 5 docs bugs can talk to me about getting faqedit privs. (This mainly consists of taking FAQ changes that are uploaded to Bugzilla, copyediting/style-editing them, and making the changes on the site itself.)

    You don't need faqedit privs to do docs changes -- just claim the bug in Bugzilla and upload an attachment with your changed version -- or to propose changes to a FAQ (for that, open a new bug in Bugzilla with a summary of the changes you think should be made).

    Thank you to everyone who's done docs work thus far!
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    I've revised the Capitalization section of the Manual of Style to reflect that I've changed my mind about capitalizing DW-specific concepts like "Paid Account", "Access", "Access Filters", etc.

    It now reads:


    Capitalize the title of the page when you're referring directly to another site page, such as the Manage Journal page. For other uses, use your discretion. If it would be easy to mistake a DW-specific concept for another common word, or if you're mixing usage of the common word (not to refer to the DW concept) and the DW concept, capitalize the uses of the DW concept. Otherwise, default to lowercase unless the site text (not the FAQs) consistently capitalizes the concept. (A little inconsistency is okay; don't sweat it too much.)

    When you're referring to something that's in common use on the Internet or that a beginning user would likely be familiar with, such as tags, bookmarks, etc., use lowercase.

    The name of the site is ''Dreamwidth'', with an initial capital and no internal capitals.
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    The perpetual bane of any product is making sure the documentation is up to date. We've been falling down on documentation for a while, and there are lots of reasons for that but I'd once again like to start trying to change it. Now that it's a new year, it's time to once again start in on a concerted effort to figure out what's missing from the FAQs (and then, of course, work to fix that, but the first step is identifying the scope of the problem!)

    I have a few people working off the code tours to identify what we've added that needs to be documented, but consider this an open invitation to join them. If there's something you identify as missing from the FAQ, please open a bug for it (or if you don't want to navigate Bugzilla, you can just leave a comment here and someone will move it into Bugzilla for you).

    See Bugzilla: How to enter, find and work on docs bugs for reference, and the list of open docs bugs to see what's already been reported.


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